My name's Bowie. I'm a queer and feminist artist.

Our physical world may lack color, but Bowie sees it everywhere he goes. This makes the artistic process for STELLACIOUS ART intuitive. He lets the feelings of color move his paintbrush to create representations of nature, relationships, sexuality, and darkness. Bowie hopes to spread love and open-mindedness to his community with every piece he shares.

STELLACIOUS ART offers original paintings, prints, sculptures, boxes, lighters, buttons, and stickers. These pieces are all hand-made by Bowie. He paints freehand, wraps the lighters, and cuts all the stickers. His friends and family help press the buttons. Every single piece is made with lots of hard work and love.

Pronouns: he/they

Fun fact: stellacious is a made-up word that means "full of stars."

Big Three: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Rising

Fav Colors: magenta, lime green, indigo

Fav Art Mediums: acrylic paint on wood, ceramic slab work

Interested in a commission? Email Bowie. or message him on IG. Commissions open up in late fall/early winter.

Bowie charges $23/hr + materials/shipping and requires a down payment for commission work.

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